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DElux | REdux

June 2 – June 29th

The rules were there were no rules. Actually, there was one rule: no orphans.

In 2005, Park West Galleries(Detroit, Michigan) donated a number of commercial prints to the School of Art & Design. As part of an experimental creative project curated by University Gallery Director, Mary Mikel Stump, School of Art & Design students and alum were invited to take part in an exhibition in which each artist selected one or more prints to which they would reference, rework, reconfigure, or respond to in a way that would make a new unique and original work of art. The artists had a month to make their works—the only guideline being that they could not abandon, or orphan, the original source print. Delux | REdux is the result of individual or collaborative responses that embody the spirit of the sources while reconsidering the ideas behind them.

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Sebastian J. Stoddart : case studies

June 2 – June 29th

Each year, The University Galleries at Texas State University take the opportunity to focus on the local artists who live and work right here in our own backyard. This year, in our 10th Annual HOMEGROWN exhibition, we welcome the works of Sebastian J. Stoddart, whose exhibition, case studies, invites us to think about our need to organize the world around us and how our relationship to objects satisfies an innate interest in classification and deductive reasoning. Of this body of work, Stoddart says, “We all manipulate the environment around us in an effort to understand our surroundings. For example, in its pure form, wood is constrained and organized by natural elements; evidence of this is shown in growth ring patterns, the arrangement of branches, and the placement of trees in the larger spectrum of their environment. Continue…

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Summer 2014 Schedule

Gallery [2]

Sebastian J. Stoddart:
case studies

June 2 – June 29

pieces of interlocking wood, like broken furniture
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DElux | REdux
Part 2

July 2 – July 30

Alison Whitworth mixed media
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BFA Thesis

Aug. 4 – Aug. 8

view of man through circular Sculpture