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Summer 2015 Exhibitions

Billi London-Gray & Daniel Gray: DISPLACEMENT

May 30 – July 26

plastic cowboy and native american toys arranged as if they are having a conversation

Billi London-Gray and Daniel Bernard Gray frequently collaborate on projects that connect contemporary political and social issues with historic narratives. As part of a larger body of work dealing with revisionism, this exhibition will probe displacement as both a social reality and a psychological concept. Their videos and installations reference global military history, the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, mass migration, popular mythology and public memory, challenging viewers to reconsider definitions of truth.


Image credit: Billi London-Gray & Daniel Gray, Displacement (still), 2015, video
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Gifts to the Permanent Collection

May 30 – July 26

black and white illustration of a woman reading a letter by lantern-light

This exhibition celebrates some of the most recent additions to the University Galleries’ Permanent Collection and is the third exhibition to highlight gifts to the collection. The variety of artists whose work is exhibited reflects the varied interests of Dr. Timothy Dwight Woolsey (Austin), whose gifts have helped the University Galleries develop and expand its Permanent Collection. Meant to introduce and present these newest gifts to the university and surrounding community, this exhibition also acts as a point of recognition for Dr. Woolsey. Additionally, the exhibition represents Dr. Woolsey’s passion for collecting and his true dedication to stewardship in the visual arts.

Image credit: Thomas Hart Benton, Letter From Overseas (1943), 25 x 33 cm, lithograph
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