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Summer 2013 Exhibitions

Gallery [2]: works on walls

July 8th – July 30th

Julio Barrientos standing on a ladder, installing his work for Work on Walls
Owen Drysdale installs his work for works on walls
Owen Drysdale drawing animals on a white wall, installing his work for the works on walls exhibition
Julio Barrientos installs his work for works on walls

Gallery walls, untouched and pristine, are most often only a substrate used for display of art works. Given a limited time frame and a space that becomes at once both studio and gallery, the process of making art results in an “object” that becomes a permanent part of the wall, tangible and obtainable. Yet, by nature of the gallery space, the work is temporary and therefore ephemeral, only a passing experience that cannot be revisited. In works on walls, The University Galleries present the first of an annual series of student run, student based exhibitions. For the month of July, we give the gallery over to these selected School of Art & Design students- Jade Young, Julio Barrientos, Kathryn Garner, Lisa Samson and Owen Drysdale-who will mount a drawing exhibition of works realized directly on the gallery walls, allowing for an exploration of their work surface, which is also the space itself.

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Gallery [1]: ONE

July 8th – July 30th, 2013

Summer school, always the handmaid to the regular sessions of classes, nonetheless produces some wonderful student work and this exhibition is a celebration of what goes on right in our hallowed halls. It is comprised of ONE work from each class in summer ONE that best represents the work made in that class. Selected by faculty and/or their fellow students, these artists have found themselves front and center in an impromptu juried exhibition that spotlights the scholastic practice of students who are willing to give up their summer and spend it in instruction. For that, we say, “Bravo! You deserve recognition.”

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