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Summer 2012 Exhibitions

Gallery [1]: HOMEGROWN—a harvest of local talent

JUNE 23 – AUGUST 1, 2012

Tisdale, Standing Alone

Featuring artists from Eye of the Dog Art Center

Margaret Adie
Valerie Anderson
JoLea Arcidiacono
Peter Arcidiacono
Terry Buck
Kelly Garrett Rathbone
Marian Haigh
Gery Henderson
Ross High
Kevin Huffaker
Eric Jackson
Jamie Johnson
Ty Johnson
Lisa McPike Smith
Beverly Satch Mangham
Billyray Mangham
Natalie Mathis
Stacia Miller
Ryan Rebo
James Tisdale
Jess Wade

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Gallery [2]: SWARM—Naomi Schlinke

JUNE 23 – AUGUST 1, 2012

Schlinke, Swarm

“The intrinsic qualities of the materials themselves serve as my starting point — how they flow or puddle, what patterns they tend to form as they dry, whether or not they contract, for example. Sometimes I begin with a mental image of an action (pouring, flinging, brushing); that action interacts with the intrinsic behaviors of the materials, creating a particular provocative visual and energetic situation. Some aspects of an image are found in a flash while others reveal themselves slowly and methodically. Ultimately, each painting represents a culmination of the deliberate and the serendipitous, the visual and the kinesthetic. Along the way I conjure images of things and notthings, forces and consequences. Evocative, unstable forms take on meaning, association and even narrative possibilities when imagination is given free rein.” (Neoteric Art, February 17, 2009).

For the full interview see:

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