Tudor Mitroi

Labyrinth I / Labyrinth II

Tudor Mitroi & Michael Henderson
Labyrinth I / Labyrinth II
archival inket print & mixed media on paper

The background images are photos of tunnels that are in the side of a hill in Crete. The hill overlooks the site of the ruins of the ancient labyrinth and the tunnels were dug to quarry the stones to build it. So they are the negative spaces left from the creation of the labyrinth. The ancient ruins called the labyrinth were a Minoan palace. In mythology, the labyrinth was designed to be the prison of the minotaur. Some legends say that the tunnels created in the quarrying of the stone for the palace were the actual labyrinth. When Tudor and I first talked about collaborating, he expressed interest in these images. I gave him some prints to think about and he selected details of the interior of two of the tunnels and asked me to enlarge them. He cut shapes out of these images and drew on them. His work is based on maps and rulers and documentary images (which these tunnels are). His superimposed his imagery that creates a kind of “personal geography” that deals with the relativity of time and place. If you think about it, we are all in our own labyrinths.

Tudor’s Work

deconstructed map on black papercloseup of deconstructed map on black paper, white and red islands visibledeconstructed map on black papercloseup of Tudor Mitroi's map on black paper

About Tudor Mitroi

Tudor Mitroi Headshot

Tudor Mitroi was born and raised in Romania.  His experience integrates the cultural traditions of his native country and European and American art training.

Mitroi’s current work, based on maps, rulers and documentary images, explores personal geographies and the relativity of concepts of time and place. Mitroi’s work has been included in New American Paintings and he has had solo exhibitions at the Dallas Contemporary Art Center as well as the University of New Hampshire Manchester.


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