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September 24th – October 18th, 2012
Opening Reception: Monday, September 24 | 5 – 7 p.m.
Artist’s Lecture: Tuesday, September 25 | 3:30 p.m. JCM 2121

photo of headless mannequin wearing a suit and tie on black background
Colby Bird, Suit in Window, 2012, C-print, 5 x 7 inches

Mr. __________ decides that a doghouse must be built for for his 2 year old terrier.

Mr. __________ conceives of the design, and begins work in the basement of his home.

He applies the initial coat of wood stain to the first wooden beam.

He falls asleep on a couch in the basement.

He wakes up with a faint headache behind his eyes.

He contemplates the house he plans to build.

He shortens the length of the wooden beam with a saw.

He applies another coat of stain to the now shorter beam.

He falls asleep in the basement.

He wakes with a faint headache.

He thinks about the wood, stained a light brown.

He opens a window.

He cuts the beam again with a saw.

He applies another coat of stain.

He falls asleep.

He wakes with a headache.

He sees the wood.

He falls asleep.

He wakes up.

He has a headache.

He is asleep

Trained as a photographer, Colby Bird has a natural sensitivity to light and light sources. The presence and absence of light is an integral element of both his photographic and sculptural works. He considers his photographs to be not just prints, but rather the combination of light, paper, wood (frames), glass, camera, artist, and viewer.

In this exhibition, House Lamps, Bird is using light as a primary medium. In a fetishistic gesture towards artificial light, he has handmade 100 electric lamps. The dull glow of the bulbs, and the awareness of the power and labor required to illuminate them serves as a comforting reminder of the functioning of the world outside.

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