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Billi London-Gray & Daniel Gray: DISPLACEMENT

May 30 – July 26

plastic cowboy and native american toys arranged as if they are having a conversation

Billi London-Gray and Daniel Bernard Gray frequently collaborate on projects that connect contemporary political and social issues with historic narratives. As part of a larger body of work dealing with revisionism, this exhibition will probe displacement as both a social reality and a psychological concept. Their videos and installations reference global military history, the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, mass migration, popular mythology and public memory, challenging viewers to reconsider definitions of truth.


Image credit: Billi London-Gray & Daniel Gray, Displacement (still), 2015, video
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Gifts to the Permanent Collection

May 30 – July 26

black and white illustration of a woman reading a letter by lantern-light

This exhibition celebrates some of the most recent additions to the University Galleries’ Permanent Collection and is the third exhibition to highlight gifts to the collection. The variety of artists whose work is exhibited reflects the varied interests of Dr. Timothy Dwight Woolsey (Austin), whose gifts have helped the University Galleries develop and expand its Permanent Collection. Meant to introduce and present these newest gifts to the university and surrounding community, this exhibition also acts as a point of recognition for Dr. Woolsey. Additionally, the exhibition represents Dr. Woolsey’s passion for collecting and his true dedication to stewardship in the visual arts.

Image credit: Thomas Hart Benton, Letter From Overseas (1943), 25 x 33 cm, lithograph
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Faculty Exhibition

January 20th – February 10
Opening Reception: Tuesday, January 20 | 5 – 7 pm

Tommy Fitzpatrick Ancient Practice of Painting
Tommy Fitzpatrick, Ancient Practice of Painting, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 69 x 69 inches

This biennial exhibition is always a treat—an opportunity for the School of Art and Design faculty to share their creative work with the university staff, faculty, students, and surrounding communities. A survey of artistic styles and disciplines, this exhibition is reflective of each individual faculty member’s current direction of work and is a chance for students and others to share in the creative practices of the tenured, tenure-track, and adjunct Art and Design faculty at Texas State University.

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Tell Me What You Think of Me

curated by Leslie Moody Castro

February 16th – March 13th
Opening Reception: Monday, February 16 | 5 – 7 pm
Curator’s Lecture: Tuesday, February 17 | 2 pm in Gallery [3]

Categories and definitions are tricky things, especially when they are used to define cultures. While this complex system is often used to identify and generalize cultures outside of the United States, it is also common for North Americans to experience the same type of categorization and definitions abroad. Organized by independent curator Leslie Moody Castro, who divides her time between the United States and Mexico City, Tell Me What You Think of Me explores the humor of these definitions and categorizations placed onto the North American identity. Featuring the works of Donna Conlon, Jonathan Harker, Maximo Gonzalez, Artemio, Ricardo Cuevas, and Emilio Chapela, this exhibition looks at culture, stereotypes, and cultural classification with a lens of humor and irony, inviting the viewer to laugh while rethinking identity.

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Hills Snyder: Steam

February 16th – March 13th

Artist’s Lecture: Monday, February 16 | 2pm in JCM 2121
Opening Reception: Monday, February 16 | 5-7pm

Steam is an ongoing project finding a fourth expression—its first in San Marcos this semester—in which participants are invited take 72-minute shifts in an anti-gravity recliner, blindfolded and headphoned while attending to two trips through a 36-minute aural landscape as visitors move in and around the space.

The project began with an Artpace (San Antonio) funded visit to Amsterdam in June of 2001 and followed twin pursuits—the purposeful gathering of bicycle parts found along a systematized search grid and the accidental collection of ambient sounds occurring along the same line. Continue reading →

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All Student Juried Exhbition

Juror: Rachel Adams
Curator, Rachel Adams Projects

March 30th – April 16th

Opening Reception: Monday, March 30 | 5-7pm
Awards Announced at 5:45pm

This annual competition features the works of students who have taken part in the curriculum within the School of Art and Design at Texas State University. By highlighting works made in each area of discipline and in classes from the foundations level through the final thesis classes, it is a means of celebrating the art works generated within our own curriculum. Continue reading →

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Spring BFA Thesis Exhibitions

April 20th – May 14th

These exhibitions highlight the depth and range of School of Art and Design students and their creative practices. Each student who earns a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from the School of Art and Design Studio curriculum is required to exhibit artworks that are generated in their thesis semesters. In the spring semester, thesis students will exhibit their works in four shows over a four-week period, featuring a survey of works from all of the School of Art and Design’s Studio disciplines: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, metals, ceramics, photography, new media, and art education. Continue reading →

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Selections from The Bearden Project

August 25th – September 19th, 2014

Curator’s Lecture: Monday, September 15 | 2 PM, JCM 2121
Lauren Haynes, Assistant Curator, The Studio Museum in Harlem

“I am a man…who shares a dual culture…unwilling to deny the Harlem where I grew up or the Haarlem of the Dutch Masters that contribute its element to my understanding of art.” – Romare Bearden, 1963

Portrait of a young Girl, dimensionalElia Alba, Portrait of a Young Girl, 2011

1963 was an important year. It was the year that artist Romare Bearden, along with fellow artist Hale Woodruff, founded the Harlem-based art group known as the Spiral Group—formed to discuss the responsibility of the African-American artist in the struggle for civil rights. This led to an art practice that defined how the group could contribute both to the civil rights movement and also to what author Ralph Ellison called a “new visual order.” 1963 was also important in the life of Texas State University, as it was the year that [then] Southwest Texas State College was integrated, paving the way for the education of all qualified students, regardless of race. We celebrate the intersection of these significant events through this exhibition of artworks, which recall the legacy of Romare Bearden while also bringing his influence into a contemporary context.

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Katrina Moorhead: Some Objects About Some Thoughts

September 23rd – October 19th

Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 23 | 5 – 7 pm

Installation of a black, wood platform with black plastic flags stretching across the room

Katrina Moorhead’s installations, objects, and drawings are frequently informed by her interest in sourcing or creating instances in which human sentiments are seemingly conflated with scientific facts—places where our mutable emotions overlay onto ‘fixed’ science. The works employ a wide variety of materials and objects, which, when brought together, continue to refer to known forms while simultaneously offering new, often poetic, associations.

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Francesca Fuchs: Again Once More

September 23rd – October 19th

Artist’s Lecture: Tuesday, September 23 | 2 pm, Gallery [3]
Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 23 | 5 – 7 pm

For her exhibition at The University Galleries, Francesca Fuchs shows paintings that sublimate the ordinary and regulate the sublime. These works—paintings of paintings, drawing, prints, and photos from her personal collection—result in a unique ode to the things that line the artist’s own walls, or those of her loved ones. The sources for these paintings call to mind the love affair that we all have with the objects in our lives. Continue reading →

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